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I have to admit, after numerous days of little sleep, being able to sleep almost seven hours without interruption was a rather nice change. My mind has begun to clear itself of some of the muddled thoughts that I could not get out onto paper or pixels.

Something I have researched as of late is the Gopher protocol. Gopher is a much simpler system similar to FTP, in which you navigate “sites” using a menu in a directory listing. A majority of sites consist of text files and binary files—such as pictures and applications—but some are only text files. They can be used as archival systems, or even as a weblog (or glog/phlog, as they are referred to by Gopher users). I find it fascinating that this protocol is still used rather heavily as an undernet (something which is not seen by the general web browsing public), and I have gained quite a bit of respect for people who use it regularly.

I have also taken to researching FTP itself, and how it was used in the past. I even discovered that some people used it to distribute what were essentially weblog posts though text files, much like Gopher’s phlogs, though very few did this. FTP has always been oriented towards transferring files such as archives (.zip, .tar(.*), etc…), pictures, and applications. Regardless, I find it to be an interesting subject.

Ever since taking myself away from social networks, I find myself doing things that make me happy. Researching various subjects, learning new skills and information…I see now why several of my friends have sworn off Twitter and the like. It honestly feels liberating, and I want it to stay. Social networks are not something which I enjoy any longer. Perhaps I will give that an entry of its own, though.

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