Apr. 21st, 2015

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Things I truly appreciate in Windows Vista and 7:
  • Aero and Glass
  • An aesthetically pleasing UI with customizations
  • Desktop apps as the norm
  • Un-cluttered Start Menu
  • The Flair design language (Windows Vista Only)
  • The Windows Live design language (Windows 7 Only)
  • Plenty of speed without needing to dial back the looks
  • The Quick Start menu (Windows Vista Only)
  • Sidebar/Gadgets (Sadly considered defunct)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Windows Mail (Live Mail in Windows 7)
  • How easy it is to connect to a bloody WiFi hotspot
  • The plethora of software choices, free and non-free (See Note 0)
  • How easy it is to install the OS (See Note 1)
  • Not having to rely solely on a package manager to handle software installation (See Note 2)
  • Being able to run software off of a bloody USB key!
  • Not having to worry about needing a specific distro or OS version for a package (See Note 2)

Note 0: I've learned that Free and Open Source software isn't always the best option. Sometimes, the better options are the closed ones. Also, a massive fuck you to the FOSS zealots who pretty much tortured me during my time with Linux.

Note 1: I've heard so many people in the Linux world say that Windows is a pain to install. Windows is an absolute breeze—even as far back as Windows 98—in comparison to Linux. I say this from experience, as I've installed both Linux and Windows environments.

Note 2: This is probably the thing that angers me the most about Linux. The sheer reliance on a package manager—a single point of failure—to install software is a major pain in the ass to me. I much prefer installers, as if something fails to install properly, I don't have to do twenty commands in a terminal just to fix the damned thing. Gentoo gets this right, at least.

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