Mar. 11th, 2015

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After some rather stressful events yesterday, I have now completely shut down my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The only Twitter account I have left is @bwh_rss, which is simply a feed which pushes out updates from this journal. That is the only remaining social network account I have.

People who wish to contact me can do so rather easily: email. My public email address,, is simple enough to reach me at. I receive notifications of email on both my phone and my desktop.

I am also on Jabber as, though not always online. You do not need an account to reach me, just a federated XMPP account such as or the like. Google Talk is not a federated server, nor is LJ Talk, so those are not an option. Sorry, but that is the price of vendor lock-in.

In all honesty, email is the easiest way to contact me, and they do not have to be long messages. I do not mind something as short as "k" as a reply.

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