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For the last few days, one of my mates has had their car at a mechanic's shop to have several parts replaced and fixed. Seeing as the van my parents loaned me is the only other vehicle that we have on hand, I have had to take them to work in the morning and bring them home each night during this time.

This would not normally be a problem, except that my natural sleep schedule is for me to stay awake at night, and sleep during the day. Because my vehicle is the only one here when either of my mates who I live with are at work, I often have to stay awake during the day on their days off, which constitutes four of the seven days each week. One rarely needs to go out though, so two of those days are fine for me to sleep my normal schedule. The other two I can mostly just deal with.

Now that my mate's car is ready to come home, I will be able to sleep during the day again. However, this has brought an interesting issue to my attention: I cannot easily write anything fictional during the day.

While awake during the day, I have issues just trying to think. I cannot study, write, or do much of anything without feeling so exhausted that I want to fall asleep where I stand. I literally have to run on caffeine and food alone, as no amount of sleep will help.

During the night, my mind works at full speed, allowing me to pump out thousands of words on end without a break—aside from the occasional break to work out a few details. I also get more ideas in general at night (usually starting around 18:30) than I do during the day, and I can work through them more easily to clear my head.

Just attempting to write this journal has been exhausting, but I needed to get some thoughts out of my head. Perhaps this will be a good reminder that I have very odd limits that I need to pay attention to.

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