May. 23rd, 2015

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At this moment, I'm installing Windows Vista on my laptop to dualboot with Windows 7. I have something I want to post here, but I can't exactly do that at the moment.

In fact, I have three posts to write, but until the install finishes, I don't have a great way to do it.

Why am I posting this? Because I want to mention: expect a few Windows Vista posts soon. I'm not dead, just...tired.
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Who would’ve thought I’d be talking about this yet again?

A while back, on one of my old blogs, I mentioned my desire to use semi-formal third person speech online. I dropped that idea because it really is difficult to do that without making things like blog posts virtually unreadable. The main reason is due to the reliance on pronouns in English—something that’s becoming even more clear with more people creating new pronouns for various gender identities.

This is what trips me up, of course. I’m a writer, and I like writing, but in order for third person speech to work for me, I need to be in a mentality that allows me to really get into that type of writing/speech. Personally, if it were up to me, I’d use very simple third person speech in my daily life, but with English being a language where context is always required—as implied context never works with English in my experience—it’s damned near impossible to use so few words unless you want people yelling at you for not being clear enough.

Part of this is the fault of English-speaking society in general. A large portion of people are taught to make assumptions, rather that to ask questions. Even I do it, and I constantly fight that mentality. It's a bad habit that's ingrained into English language studies, which is the worst place to put it.

So…What am I going to do? Honestly, I’m not sure. Part of me keeps wanting to follow social norms, but that part of me I keep listening to is saying to “fuck social norms, do what what you want!” That second side of me is slowly winning…slowly.

For now, I’m going to continue considering it. It’s all I really want to do right now as I once again ponder whether I really want to stay on Twitter/Facebook—especially since I haven’t stopped telling myself it was a mistake to return to those services. I was honestly happier without them.

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