Apr. 20th, 2015

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“…Let’s say you’re in Format and you want to get to something 5 tabs away. Five swipes is an unacceptable series of interactions. The carousel model has been disproven repeatedly, every single decade, for several decades. We have the data. It’s a dumb interaction model, full stop … But more objectively, when you ask 100 people to try iOS versus WP versus Android, some clear trends emerge. And the swiping worked against WP more than it helped, based on the data I saw.“ - ‘jragon’, former Microsoft designer (Original in a Reddit AMA, This quote is from a story from Paul Thurrott)

I heat to say it, but this obviously intelligent designer made a very big mistake. Using the ideology of “When you ask 100 people to try iOS versus WP versus Android…” isn’t a good way to prove anything in design. That sort of data proves very little outside of a very specific subset that may or may not have a bias against your product‘s design because of common usage.

In fact, they even go on to say,

“We're talking world-class, professional design researchers. This was wide data, not just a few jackasses with a steno notebook. Variables like that are controlled for.“

You can’t make good design choices with such a small pool of people, especially in this day and age. Many people are used to the hamburger menu, whether or not it’s the best option for the UX (user experience).

I’d be more willing to believe some of his comments if he hadn’t revealed this, but he made a very bad statistical fallacy in this case.

Doesn't matter, though. He's no longer with the company, but still…

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For those who don’t know me all that well, I can’t withstand most ​normal​ jobs. Not only does my scoliosis prevent me from lifting heavy object (25 lbs. carry limit, 50 lbs. dead lift limit) but my body isn’t able to tolerate stressful jobs like call centers. The last time I tried—thanks to other factors adding onto the problem that I won’t mention due to the circumstances surrounding it—I had a major breakdown that led to a blood pressure in the 170/x range. Unfortunately, when I’m pushed to my limits like that, my body really starts to break down.

I need something to drive me to write, and I have half of that fulfilled: I need to help my family pay bills. The incentive of money is helping me write to a slight degree. However, I’m constantly distracted by other things, especially when my mates are wanting to do things with me or pinging me on IM.

I was actually ​supposed​ to have put myself on hiatus until I find out if my mates and I are going to move or not, but I’ve been trying to write regardless. In fact, the only reason I’m not writing at this very moment is because I’m having to do an OS reinstall on my main work machine, and my social machine doesn’t have enough memory to run both my social apps ​and​ FocusWriter (which I’ve been using).

All that said, I ​am​ seriously considering starting a monthly Patreon again if this keeps up. Then, I can honestly say, “This is my job, and I need to get my tail to work on my stories.” I won’t make the decision until after I know what’s going to happen, and if we do move, it won’t be until after the move is done in a couple of months. All of that depends on whether one of my mates has a job lined up when we get to where we want to move to.

So yeah, there’s that. Just thought I’d get it out there, and perhaps get some feedback about it.

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