Mar. 23rd, 2015

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Earlier today, in a conversation within a small chatroom I was looking into, I encountered someone who seemed to be utterly terrified of the way I write. It was rather amusing, if not entertaining, to watch this person's reaction.

I type just as you see here, with a semi-formal tone and absolutely no contractions. They almost constantly shortened words, using "u" and "ur" in place of "you" and "your", and so on. Their tone was so casual that it was like they cared very little how they looked to others.

Despite the fact that I was not chatting with them, or even mentioning them (it was IRC-based, so mentions often trigger alerts), they constantly interrupted the conversation I was having with someone else in the chatroom regarding fantasy writing. Every few messages I typed out would result in their mentioning that they was "unsettled" with how I write. That progressed to their being "completely put off", and eventually they outright said that I "needed to be kicked for not chatting right"--a feat that I seriously believe may have been beyond their capabilities at that point. Finally, the chatroom admin appeared and kicked me for "nt chtn rgt" [sic], but I was not angry at all.

The fact that someone is "put off" by how I type is simply amusing to me. Words in general are useless amalgamations of symbols and sounds on their own, requiring context, tone and definitions to be capable of conveying any sort meaningful communication. Because I was using plain English--a language which I often criticize for various reason--and they were clearly English-speakers, I can assume there was no language barrier.

I am honestly not sure why they were unable to tolerate my tone, though. Perhaps it is because I use much more formal writing than they do, as they used chatspeak heavily the entire time I was there. I did not bother then, and mentioned the one who was unsettled only once to say that I was not chatting with them.

I just thought I would share this amusing story.

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