Mar. 20th, 2015

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Today, I woke up rather early, though stayed in bed to give myself some time to let my mind wander. Today is a lazy day for me, giving me a break from story writing to take care of other things. As such, some thoughts of who and what I am came into my mind.

Now, I know who and what I am. I am Teradyne Serenity Ezeri, daughter of Naisura, Legecian god of happiness and pleasure. I am a former Legecian Prism Dragon, though with my Legecian body now possessing shape-shifting capabilities, I have been re-classed as a Legecian Demicorre Beast (Nameless/Formless Beast) because of it. Thanks to some other thoughts, I see myself more akin to an Earth gryphon as a common form, being of both the air and the land.

I have begun accepting my evolved personality more and more as well, though I am still having to fight habits formed by my time as a human. I still need to learn how to reduce how much I speak, though my typing will always be somewhat verbose. Of course, most of my socialization is online now, and limited to only a few sites, IM, chat, and email, so it is not quite as important.

I also need to become more comfortable with my more adult-oriented side again, but baby steps…


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