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I must admit, cloud services are beginning to grate on my nerves.

  • I am frustrated with webmail clients outside of my own domain email, through Roundcube.
  • Cloud storage is nice, but very insecure now. I already have access to a NAS, and as such, it would be effortless to keep my files there.
  • I want more control over what I can do with my website, such as being able to implement OwnCloud for myself, and a personal Dreamwidth instance.
  • I want to run my own email and XMPP servers, to take control of my communications. I want everything under my own domain.
  • I would also like to run my own search, but that would have to come later, once I learn how to make the Seeks Project work properly.
  • On top of running my own XMPP server, I want to run my own private Jappix node, along with a Jappix-Me installation.

Of course, the solution for all of this is to roll my own, as I do have the technical knowledge to do so. However, my ISP would likely not appreciate such an action, as it can be taxing on their connection if I were suddenly attacked. In this age of revenge hacking and constant threats from “black hat” hackers, that is something everyone should expect, no matter what.

So, what are my options? Well, aside from using the NAS, I simply need to figure out what I can and cannot do myself. Seeks Project and a personal XMPP server are possible, as is my own email server. Other pieces of the puzzle may be a bit iffy, but I still need to look into it.

I will still keep my Office 365 subscription—as having Office is nice—but I am becoming wary of OneDrive/Box/Dropbox for the most part. I do not know why, but something tells me to keep an eye out for a big security news story involving cloud storage soon.

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