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I am beginning to once again realize why I so deeply dislike Twitter as a whole. The lack of filters has begun to wear on me, even when trying to read through the timeline in short bursts.

When a major event takes place, the timeline begins streaming with so much information from many different sources, including retweets that simply drown out all other discussions. I have quite literally watched as a stream of information and retweets for a major event completely obscured discussions to the point that participants gave up trying to use the medium. On my own timeline, nearly 200 retweets flooded the stream in the span of only a few minutes.

The problem is that there is no grouping of messages, or filtration tools to help manage such floods of information. The few clients which possessed such features are either abandoned due to running out of client access tokens, or are simply out of those much-needed tokens.

Once again, I am wondering why I still use Twitter. It is a far inferior product in comparison to Facebook, Plurk, the former FriendFeed, or even Google+. Then I remember that most humans will take the easy path when given one, and simply stick with Twitter because "everyone is already there."

I am thankful for those who keep an open mind, and at least give other services a trial period. Even though I do not appreciate Telegram, WhatsApp, and Google+, I at least gave them a chance to impress me before passing judgement. With Telegram and WhatsApp, their willingness to notify people that I had joined—as well as the fact that there is no away or offline state—unnerved and frustrated me. With Google+, their forced integration into services where it was not needed caused me to shy away from it. Even Ello, another network that I had given a chance, turned out to not be something I would use, simply because it is not made for someone such as myself.

Twitter constantly proves to not be a service that is well suited for myself. I am once again considering dropping my account, for many reasons. Information overload has begun tipping my opinion towards removing myself from it.

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