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Early this morning, while I gave myself a bit of rest from working on a large document, I decided to meditate for once. I knew that it would help calm me, and as I mentioned to my master, Achiga, I felt like "shoving my keyboard through my laptop" out of frustration from issues with the many problems currently swarming my home.

I cleared a bit of space on my bed to sit and relax, and after several minutes of silence, I started thinking about Legecia…home. Other thoughts were in my head, but something about my recent dreams as Kamajai Star Seer, a Reshiram from my Allomera Universe, seemed all too familiar.

As I thought back, I remembered something that was lost among my Legecian memories: my given Legecian name, /uhäuɸäjīss/, romanized as whaufayiss, which means "One who lives with the stars." This was the name my father, Naisura, had given to me upon my birth. Do mind that this is as close as I can come to the pronunciation, as the International Phonetic Alphabet does not include some sounds which Legecian Common Language uses. It also does not include some of the odd quirks, such as the "click stop" between ä and j, or the breathy hstsh sound created from a doubled s.

For comparison, my common Legecian name is pronounced /hjäreähjīŋ/, which WOULD be properly romanized as Yarehhyiin, but which I spell as Teradyne to make it easier for a human to speak it. Even I cannot properly speak my own name as a human. (Aside: For the record, my common name means to "One who seeks the sky." "Ezeri" is not something I will bother to pronounce, as, it has no meaning, much like a majority of clan/family names in Legecian culture.)

Now, I would like to mention that I do not know why I began using my common name, but I would assume it was due to other issues at the time. I will not bore you with the information here, however. The primary reason I wished to post this was regarding my name change in several locations.

The reason which I chose to take the name "Star Seer" for myself, is due to how close the term comes to the meaning of my Legecian birth name. I believe that my creation of that character was not some random occurrence of my creativity, but something which my subconscious used to effectively remind me of my past. With the fact that much of my Legecian mentality has slowly returned over the last several months, I believe it only appropriate to reclaim something from my past.

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