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Something which I mentioned in an entry only a short time ago, was that I have issues with focusing on anything. If I am being disturbed by anything—whether they be messages or someone walking up and talking to me—I am completely unable to do any work. It had even gotten to the point of desiring to put a steel spike through my phone just to stop having my thoughts interrupted by it.


In fact, I am honestly on the verge of giving up on my writing. As it is, I cannot focus myself unless it is the dead of night, when everyone else is asleep and my brain is working in top gear. However, I have become so hesitant to actually write anything aside from my blog posts due to how often I am interrupted during the day...but I often have to be awake during the day if my loved ones are off work—or if there are errands which need to be taken care of during the day—which means that I am unable to work at night unless I wish to suffer from sleep deprivation.

Tonight, I am enjoying some time to myself, only because I have two injured shoulders which forced me to sleep for much of the day. I will likely also have to take care of the lawn in the morning, regardless of my physical well-being, as our community managementwill charge us $40 and call mowers to take care of it if we do not. That in and of itself is stressing me out quite a bit, which means that I will not be committing myself to story writing tonight.

However, I have made one decision to aid with my attempt to regain my focus. I have retrieved my ZTE Open C handset, running Firefox OS, and have decided to use it as my cell phone of choice. Without applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts (and YouTube), I do not receive an overwhelming number of notifications which return even after changing settings to remove them.

For those who do not know, Firefox OS is almost purely based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows for HTML5 applications to be run natively on the phone, but with some limits when it comes to offline and core applications. For example, applications cannot access the dialer or SMS systems, for the sake of security.

This means that I would even be able to design my own HTML5 applications as needed, within reason. I believe there are size limitations as well, which do hinder—possibly even cripple—the platform severely. However, that is the nature of the beast known as security.


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