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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this entry will be written entirely in a third-person view. If the reader is disturbed by this, they are welcome to turn to another website.

Something which this one has considered once again is its use of third-person speech, at least in texual form while online. This would include social network updates, journal entries, and perhaps even while chatting with some individuals.

This is due in part to its Legecian heritage, as in native Legecian, one does not speak in what would be regarded as first-person. There are no pronouns, or any words for I or me. When one speaks of themself, they use their own name—though members of the Legecian slave class use the final section of their identification number.

The reason this one is considering such a change is due simply to comfort. This one finds using third-person speech to be much more comfortable than the causal speech found throughout most of the English-speaking world. This one cannot explain very much, as it is a personal view.

A portion of the comfort comes from the humble nature of using a third-person view in speech. This one prefers to be humble and respectful towards others, even when those it is speaking to do not return the gesture. Respect is a simple courtesy which seems to have disappeared in many of humanity's cultures, which is a shame. This is especially true of the internet, on websites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr—the latter more so than the former two.

This one simply wishes to encourage respect towards others, rather than the crass, and often very acidic, tone which humans have come to use towards each other. It is rather shameful in this one's eyes that humans speak of wishing for a happier life, yet cause such sadness and hatred with their speech. That is the humble opinion which this one takes, though.

For now, this one is only considering such a change, though it would be a rather nice change to keep.

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