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I mentioned in my prior entry that I would have an exception should I enter such a hermit mode. That exception is my XMPP account.

The reason for this is that my XMPP account, though Jappix, also acts as a social network for me. I use the me.Jappix.com portal to make my stream public, and I must admit that I like how simple it is. It takes my XMPP info to fill in the profile information, and the Jappix channel stream for the actual social updates, and provides an easy method for anyone to add me to their preferred XMPP contact list.

I find that the occasional thought may come to me, and I simply wish to remove it from my mind by placing it in a social update. My Jappix stream is shared only with the portal and contacts in my XMPP contact list who use Jappix. This makes the experience much more personal than Twitter.

In addition, I plan to eventually host my own personal XMPP server to use for chat, as I have the hardware to do so. I simply need more memory for the Dell PowerEdge 1850 which I own, courtesy of a friend.

This server shall also hose a Jappix instance once it is running, allowing for all of the same features found on the server I currently use. I plan on utilizing the system as much as I can, especially if it can be used to help organize collaborations, and notes for my writing. Perhaps with the addition of something such as OwnCloud for file storage.

This is just speculation on my point at the moment, though. Irregardless, if I choose to dump social media, I do plan to continue using my XMPP account for communication, and now to replace Twitter as a dumping ground for my thoughts. Perhaps it is something I truly need.

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